by jimmy turrell on Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Heres the new TV and print campaign that I've worked on for Bartle Bogle Hegarty and their clients Ladbrokes. 

The new campaign tells the story of five friends - The Believer, Generous John, Mr. Brightside, The Professor and The Gut Truster, who represent Ladbrokes online customers. 

I created all of the illustrations for the campaign - the freeze-frames portraits for all six TV ads (subtlety animated by the guys down at The Mill) and a print campaign which features each character used across a variety of media including 6-sheet posters, magazine/newspaper ads and instore displays.

I was basically commissioned to elevate the classic British "everyman" character into someone who is strong and stylish but at the same time doesn't take himself too seriously.

A used a limited colour palette, bold contours and strong shadows to try and give a sense of power and dynamism. I tried to stay away from a vectorised (and in my opinion often sterilised) feel so all of the portraits are drawn by hand and the use of textured, slightly offset printing hopefully gives the portraits a more individual character.

Its been a great campaign to work on so thanks to Louisa Gray (Producer), Shish Patel (Creative Director), Emmanuel Saint M'Leux (Art Director) and Rachel Hough (TV Producer) for all their hard work and energy.

Look out for more TV ads + posters over the next coming months……


by jimmy turrell on Friday, 21 February 2014

Heres tomorrow's Guardian Guide cover of Beck that I've been working on this week. I also thought I'd take you through the creative process while working alongside The Guide's art director Sara Ramsbottom.

Its for an article on Beck's new album Morning Phrase and the key words in the brief were Ethereal, Woozy, Organic, Sunlight and Tripped Out. I wanted to go for a psychedelic feel (with a hint of darkness) while still keeping a modern sensibility and above all not allowing the portrait of Beck to get too lost in the elements that surround him.


The backgrounds on these first attempts hinted at things like lava lamps and planets but we soon agreed that the colours needed to be more organic and sun kissed rather than bright purples and blues.

We started by using this wider shot of Beck but soon realised it would be better to crop into his head if we wanted to communicate the feeling of tripped-out psychedelia.  I also removed the outline around Becks body as it created the feeling that something was locked in rather than something that was more expansive.

I also started adding more geometric shaped to hint at a more kaleidoscopic feel. These were the last two attempts before we went to final. The last one was pretty much the basis for the final with some small tweaks. I made the background more symmetrical and also darkened his hat as it was getting slightly lost in the background.  I also brought out the contours of his face more and worked textures into the Guardian logo so it became a part of the illustration . Also here's a GIF to show more of the stages.


by jimmy turrell on Thursday, 20 February 2014

Heres a sneak peak of this Saturday's Guardian Guide cover that I created. Pop back tomorrow for a step by step process of how the final was reached.


by jimmy turrell on Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Heres my illustration of Snoop for this weeks NME.  Its for a review of 7 Days of Funk - the eponymous debut studio album from Californian duo “7 Days of Funk”. It's basically Snoop Dogg working alongside modern-funk musician Dâm-Funk.

Influenced by a whole host of 70s and 80's funk and electro-funk pioneers (Zapp, Roger Troutman, Slave, Parliament, Funkadelic etc) its an infectious, modern take on the funk genre. With this one I wanted to go for a slick, airbrush style aesthetic - all keytars, electro tones and Eighties sheen.

Click on to enlarge...


by jimmy turrell on Friday, 13 December 2013

Heres a preview of some of artwork which will be ready to buy when my shop launches on Monday. A BETA version of the site is up now at


by jimmy turrell

To celebrate the launch of my official shop on Monday I’m giving away three signed originals. These are one-off collage pieces - all worth £250 each. Presently the shop is in its BETA stage (there’s only 5 pieces up at the moment) but there will be 25 new pieces to choose from on Tuesday. Check it out now at

To win the collage "ALI" all you need to do is:

1. Follow @jimmyturrell on Twitter
2. Then tweet "Just entered the competition to win an original Jimmy Turrell collage. Just follow
@jimmyturrell and retweet this message"

The competition closes on Tuesday 17th December and the winner will be picked at random.
The competitions to win “London Town” + “Tempt” will both launch on Monday.
Click on the images to enlarge.


by jimmy turrell on Monday, 18 November 2013

Its been a while since my last post but theres lot's more coming this week so stay tuned. The NME has had a big re-design lately and my old friend Mark Neil has commisioned me to illustrate their album of the week....well surprisingly ...every week..

Heres a selection of the artists and bands I've done so far. There's two or three versions of each artist
here - I've tried to give them a choice between my more painterly style and my more graphic, collage style - and sometimes I've mixed them both together. Obviously only one version made the final cut. From the top here weve got Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire, Torres, MIA, Cate Le Bon and Eminem. 

Conceptually I've tried to keep them quite simple - with McCartney I wanted to show him as someone who is still capable of a breadth of new ideas even though his album has a rich Beatlesesque feel about it - hence the younger version of him in profile. After listening to the new Eminem record I realised how fast and caustic his flow is on this album and came up with the analogy of his pen being used as a weapon.

Again click on to enlarge......