by jimmy turrell on Friday, 15 May 2015

Heres my cover for today's Guardian's Guide supplement dedicated to this years Manchester International Festival. 

The Guardian wanted something really bright and colourful with a digital feel to link in with the
line up this year.

Now in its fifth edition the festival presents an array of new, exciting and specially commissioned work by some of the world's best artists in visual and performing arts, music and popular culture

This years line up includes Bjork, Jamie XX, FKA Twigs, Charlotte Rampling, Gerhard Richter, Carl Craig and Four  Tet.

Damon Albarn also returns to MIF with, a new musical inspired by Alice In Wonderland.
Albarn has created the music while the lyrics are by Moira Buffini. The show follows Aly into, an extraordinary virtual world where she can escape from school bullies and an unhappy home life.
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by jimmy turrell

Heres an illustration I've just completed for New Scientist magazine for an article about the evolution of color blindness within animals and humans. 

The feature begins 600 million years ago when fish creatures could see full colour (and also ultra violet light). It then talks about how our ancestors lost and then gained back colour receptors and how some people today are colour blind or have enhanced colour vision. 

Heres the article in full if your interested.....

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by jimmy turrell on Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Heres a selection of illustrations (Part 2 of 3)  I've worked on for the NME over the last few weeks. From the top are Noel Gallagher (with images of his childhood self), Lana Del Wray, Peace, Arcade Fire's Win Butler and Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon. Click on the images to enlarge.

Look out for Part 3 later in the week with Belle & Sebastian, Lorde, Ariel Pink and more.....


by jimmy turrell on Friday, 10 April 2015

Heres a selection of illustrations (Part 1 of 3)  I've worked on for the NME over the last few weeks. Everyone from Kurt Cobain (for the new documentary Montage Of Heck) to Kendrick Lamar, Panda Bear, Drenge, Blur, Laura Marling, The Cribs The Wu Tang and The Prodigy. Click on the images to enlarge...

More to come over the next few weeks including Noel Gallagher, Lorde, Peace and many more.....


by jimmy turrell on Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Heres some new illustrations (and work in progress) that I've worked on for the French movie magazine Premiere. 

The first three are for a series of articles about the making of Star Wars - right from the beginning in 1977 up to the making of the new trilogy which is to be launched over the next decade. They basically document the huge difficulties in getting Star Wars made in the first place, Lucas’s constant clashes with his studio and the eventual collapse of his marriage to editor Marcia Lucas.

Click here for the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie.

The next two are for a cover featuring the film Kingsman: Secret Service starring Colin Firth and Michael Caine. Its based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew VaughnIts the story of a spy organisation that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into a training program just as a global threat emerges.

Click here for the trailer. 


by jimmy turrell on Tuesday, 28 October 2014

New illustrations I've worked on for the NME's Album Of The week column. From the top........Foo Fighters, Johnny Marr, Aphex Twin, Kasabian, Jamie T, Hookworms, Superfood, Julian Casablancas & The Voids, Shabazz Palaces, Alt J and Merchandise.

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by jimmy turrell on Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I was asked by Thomas Lahdesmaki from Forage Press a while back to answer this simple brief: 

"Pick any musical subject matter as inspiration (genre, band, song, album, scene, era etc.) then produce an original series of images which interprets and/or tells the story of that subject in some way, abstract or literal"

The piece of music that I chose is Arthur Russell's "You and Me Both" - specifically this Youtube version which its accompanied by a video of people dancing in Brooklyn in the early 90s.
The video edit is obviously made up of clips chosen from a different era (it’s more likely there dancing to something like Junior Vasquez) but somehow these two pieces come together in a beautiful, dreamlike way. The pumped up poseurs and Guido's on jet skis seem to create a direct juxtaposition between the innocence and intricacy of Russell's music.

With the imagery I wanted to play with the notion of two separate themes coming together to create an abstract, ambiguous third meaning.
Click here to see other artists interpretations of their favourite records. And look out for the book version of this project coming soon....